Transmission Service and Repair

Modern transmissions are computer controlled. Service of a typical transmission is reccomended about every 30,000 miles. Service includes checking the onboard computer for any transmission related fault codes.

Our Transmission Service

Our transmission service includes:

We use factory reccommend modern synthetic gear lubricant. Synthetic transmission fluid will improve performance and extend transmission life.

If proper service is not performed every 30,000 miles, you risk having to repair or even replace your transmission. Depending on your vehicle, replacing a transmisison will cost several thousand dollars.

Transmission Repairs

If your transmission isn't working properly, you should consider having it inspected. Symptoms include:

If your check engine light (or transmission) is on, it could include a fault code for a transmission problem. The only way to find out is to read the fault codes. When we read your fault code, we will diagnose it with the reccommended manufacturer tests, and provide an estimate for the repairs, if any are necessary. Our technicians are experienced with many transmission service, inspections, and repairs.They will work quickly and take great care restoring your vehicle.