Fuel System Service

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It is important to service your fuel system at least once per year.

If you cannot remember the last time you serviced your fuel system, you can call today or get a free estimate here. We service San Bernardino and surrounding areas.

Annual service will increase the performance of your engine, increase your fuel economy, and extend the life of your engine. Failure to service your fuel system can lead to the failure and replacement of expensive parts, loss of horsepower, and other performance issues.

Benefits of yearly fuel system service:

If your fuel system is ignored:

Our technicians are experience and certified; they can handle any repairs necessary. We perform proper fuel service, not just a cleaning. Jim Linder at AutoInc Magazine wrote a nice article, if you're interested in more information.

For most vehicles, annual maintenance is reccommended. If you have high mileage or make short trips frequently, you should service your engine more frequently.

Can't I just buy a "fuel injector cleaner"?

Sure, but it will not replace the annual service. It won't even come close. An auto repair shop has the equipment and chemicals required to perform proper maintenance. Proper maintenance involves a thorough cleaning of your entire fuel system, replacing warn parts, and much more than just disolving build-up with an additive. Most over the counter additives are very diluted, and take many treatments to have any effect.