Constant Velocity Joints - Maintenance, Service, and Repair

CV Joints, or Constant-Velocity Joints are very common; most axles have both an outer and inner CV joint. Some modern vehicles, like the audi quatro, have as many as ten of them. CV joints typically outlast the life of the vehicle, but they can fail if they are not serviced every 30,000 miles. High-angle CV joints should be serviced more frequently: about every 15,000 miles. Do not ignore your manufacturer's suggested maintenance, or you'll end up paying for a tow, and the joints will need to be replaced. If the joint is already making noise, it is going to need to be replaced.

Our C/V Joint Service Includes:

If there are any noises when turning, your CV joints may need to be replaced. If the bearings or other components are damaged, it is NOT servicable. Other symptoms include popping, clicking, excessive vibration or humming, especially when turning the steering wheel. When we service your CV Joint Assemblies, we will diagnose any of these symtoms and inspect all joints for damage. If any need to be replaced, our certified technicians are experienced in performing the necessary repairs.

Finally, after a C/V joint finally breaks, it is unlikely that you will be able to drive your vehicle. You are welcome to call our shop directly for a tow.

A broken CV Joint: