Automotive Cooling System

It is crucial to have your vehicle�s cooling system inspected and serviced at least once a year. Maintaining your vehicles cooling system can and will save you money in the long run. This page details common damages and costs, along with common causes and our recommendations.

Damages caused from Overheating

Four levels of destruction

As the temperature increases, so does the damage and the cost of the repairs. The damage literally goes from bad to catastrophic as the temperature gauge works its way into the red zone!

SeverityDamageRepair4cl Repair Cost*6cl Repair Cost*
BadWarped HeadsRe-surface cylinder head(s)$1,000$1,800
WorseWarped Heads and Blown Head Gasket(s)Rebuild cylinder head(s), grind valves$1,250$2,050
ExpensiveCracked HeadsReplace cylinder head(s)$1,600$3,000
CatastrophicSiezed EngineCompletely Replace engine$4,300$5,400

*Estimates vary between make, model, engine size, and the repair shop. Use these figures roughly.

A cooling system inspection is $75 at our shop.

If you've landed on this page, odds are you've already overheated. Hopefully not, if your engine won't start you may be in big trouble. Don't hesitate to bring it in, we'll run tests before we begin any repairs and provide you with a free estimate.

Even if you haven't overheated yet, make it a point to have you system inspected annually, serviced, and repaired as necessary. This is especially important this summer during the california heat.

We will run a full check on your cooling system. Parts in your cooling system tend to wear as they get old. Worn out parts can no longer do their job: cooling your engine!